Subdivision and Development Design

Subdivision is for land owner to divide a piece land or buildings into separate parts in terms of legal matters. Subdivided land can be sold or split into separate ownership. To do so a subdivision consent is required from the local Council. It’s also required to alter a boundary between two properties. Subdivision can also involves in urban infill development or re-development, and greenfield new town subdivision.

The whole process involves many steps and parties of engineer, architect and constructor. Generally it will take about 1 year to get a granted consent.

Procedures and time frames

  1. Initial discussion with consultant team
    A consultant team includes engineers in civil, infrastructure, landscape, geotechnical, environment and so on. Client discuss with consultant team for feasibility assessment and budget costings.
  2. Masterplan and development strategy
    Consultant team will work out a master plan and strategy. An application for a subdivision consent needs to be accompanied by a scheme plan, together with an explanatory Topo report, which will include any information required by the district plan.
  3. Estimate time frame
    Once the subdivision consent is granted, you’ll have a time frame within which to build or establish what has been approved. Usually it takes 6 to 8 months to get a granted consent.
  4. Project management
    When the planning part is done then the project will begin construction. You’ll engage a project manager to supervise and ensure the project is delivered in time.