Resource Consent

A resource consent gives approval for things like the use or subdivision of land, the taking of water, the discharge of contaminants in water, soil or air, or the use or occupation of coastal space. It matters not only your house, but also the area that you’re living in.

You need special permission in the form of resource consent from the applicable local council if you wish to carry out any proposed activity which is for a use of the environment that is inconsistent with the RMA. Resource consent includes conditions to avoid, fix or reduce effects on the environment resulting from an activity.

Procedures and time frames to implement client’s development scope

  1. Background analysis and initial planning feedbackWe’ll sit with you talking about your project. By exchanging ideas we’ll settle the plan and be ready to take action.
  2. Quotation and agreement (1-3 days)We’ll send you quotation and agreement after the talk. Sign back to show you agree and we will kick off the work.
  3. Site visit, review supporting informationOur inspector will be on site to see the situation of the land or property. We’ll be in touch with you when we need more information.
  4. Proposal evaluation (5 days)At this step we’ll assess the completion of all information collected in accordance with application requirements.
  5. Lodge application and S92 response (Council timeframe 20 working days)The application will usually take Council 20 working days to respond. Council may ask for more information or explanation to decide to grant or refuse the consent.
  6. Review consent conditionsCouncil will issue the consent with some conditions.