3D Modeling and Rendering

With house plan drawings you can take a glimpse of what the house would be. But that may not be as convincing as a photo realistic 3D rendering. Relying on 3D modeling and computer graphic rendering technology, you can totally see the future. You can pick up the material for cladding, the type of window and the color of floor to make house of your own.

Procedures and time frames

  1. Initial discussion and information collection
    We’ll first of all collect your thoughts like house number, area, ideal exterior material, and so on. We also share our opinions like the feasibility, and trade off cost and time frame.
  2. 3D modeling
    With modeling the architect builds wall, floor and roof in computer. Client will get a set of rough pictures and give feedback for amendment.
  3. Material
    3D designer will put on selected material to decorate exterior and interior. Client will also get a set of rough pictures and we’ll expect feedback.
  4. Rendering
    We put the model in a set of landscape with trees and streets, and perhaps garden and playground. The set simulates a real-world space so you’ll see how it would be. The picture can reflect particular sun position and sun shadows, also weather condition and even more details. We can also render for illustration of sun/shadow study.
  5. Finalizing
    This step is focusing on more details and attentions to make the picture realistic.